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    The Campus Post Office, a component of Mailing & Printing Services, maintains domestic and international stamps and weighs and mails packages, including Express Mail, certified and return receipt letters. International letters and printed matter may be mailed at the Campus Post Office if they weigh less than 13 ozs., but packages weighing 13 ozs. or more require custom forms and must be mailed at a U.S. Post Office such as the Sherman Post Office. Although the Campus Post Office is not an official Post Office Sub-station, it does have regular pickup and delivery of U.S. Mail.

    Federal Express and UPS packages may be shipped through Mailing & Printing Services (adjacent to the Campus Post Office). Mailing & Printing Services is not permitted to insure shipments, therefore, if an item requires insurance, it must be taken directly to the U. S. Post Office, Federal Express or UPS office.

    There is a fax machine located in Mailing & Printing Services for receiving and sending messages.  The incoming fax number is 903.813.3199.  If you receive a fax, you will be notified by a notice in your mailbox.  There will not be a charge for the first page; however, a 25-cent fee will be charged for each additional page.  The fee for sending a fax is $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 per page thereafter.


    Your Name
    为900N。盛大AVE。,STE XXXXX(5位数的箱数)
    Sherman, TX   75090-4400

    On Campus Communication:

    1. 没有通信将在纸张上小于3“×5”被接受。
    2. 的10发或更多个邮件应该在通过邮箱号码数字顺序。
    3. 学院鼓励使用群发邮件的。例外的准则可以通过学生生活(学生邮件),负责学术事务的副总裁(教职员邮件),和人力资源办公室(员工邮件)的院长被授予。
    4. 只能包车组织商可以将大量邮件的校园邮箱。这些通讯必须由该组织的名称来识别。这些邮件仍然需要从学生生活办公室批准。
    5. 使用者只要具备权限分配需要一个答案通过邮件被退回,应警惕校园邮局因此,可以提供一个单独的盒子问卷。
    6. 使用校园的邮件超过规定尺寸更小,指的是学生组织 学生组织手册.

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